A client application can look up a topic in the FioranoMQ Server using either JNDI APIs or a bound object of type FioranoInitialContext. Criteria for looking up Hierarchical topics are given below:

15.4.1 Wild Characters * or #

The topic being looked up contains a wildcard character '*' or '#' with any number of delimiters. A delimiter (.) can not be the last character of a topic name that is looked up.

The look up call succeeds only if the root topic has been created by the administrator at an earlier stage. If the topic being looked up contains a '' or '#' then this call is successful only when there is at least one topic existing in the server whose name matches the criterion.

Example: If the user tries to look up "primarytopic.a." or "primarytopic.a.#" then the look up call is successful only if "primarytopic.a" exists.

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