Deletion of a topic/subtopic from the hierarchical namespace depends on the value of the parameter AllowDeletionOfSubTopics, which can be configured through Fiorano Studio. If this value is set to 'true', then deletion of a topic/subtopic deletes all the children of this topic/subtopic. However, if it is set to 'False', the following exception is raised, indicating that the user needs to first delete the children of the topic/subtopic before deleting the topic itself.

By default, this variable is set to 'False'. Follow the steps given below to delete a hierarchical topic\subtopic.

  1. Start Fiorano eStudio/Studio and login to FMQ-JMX
  2. Select the Topic config from JMX Connection > Fiorano > mq > PubSub > Topic > $(TopicName) > config
  3. Enable the value of the parameter named AllowDeletionOfSubtopics (GeneralPropeties) by setting it up to 'True' from the drop-down list.

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