The advantage of using the Fiorano Dispatcher configuration is that no changes are required on the Client end to connect through the Dispatcher server. The Dispatcher server internally routes requests to the least loaded server (server load is calculated internally by the dispatcher based on the maximum connections allowed on a particular server, and the number of active connections), rendering the client application wholly unaware of the final MQ server that it will be connected to. The server to which the createConnection call of an application has been routed may be determined using the APIs below. The APIs below may also be used to get connectURLonce the connection has been established by the User.

Now connectionFactoryMetaData.getConnectURL() will give the ConnectURL of the server. The User has to import the following Fiorano Specific classes for calling these apis,

User can refer to the $FMQ_INSTALLER/fmq/samples/PTP(or)PubSub/Dispatcher samples foradditional information.

This API returns the string equivalent of the URL used to create the connection. At times, a given client application might want to connect to a particular server in a cluster. This can be done by setting the variable LookupPreferredServer to 'true' in the environment settings:

Other statements remain the same as specified above.

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