For pre-built microservices, the Configuration Property Sheet (CPS) displays the Separate Process view by enabling the Use Separate Process CPS option under Properties > General after selecting the microservice in the orchestration editor. For a newly added Custom Microservice, this option does not work. It needs to be configured in the ServiceDescriptor.xml. To enable this, perform the following actions after adding the custom microservice:

  1. Go to the cps folder at $CustomServicesFolder\src\com\fiorano\esb\service and copy the file name other than "ConfigLauncher".

  2. Right-click the custom microservice and click Edit to configure ServiceDescriptor.xml.

  3. In the ServiceDescriptor.xml, click the Execution tab present at the lower-left side and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

  4. Replace the text "ConfigLauncher" present in the Launcher under the Custom Property Sheet section with the name copied in Step 1 above.

  5. Open the CPS from the Orchestrator to check whether it displays the Separate Process view.

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