This component demonstrates how to send messages in scheduling mode. When scheduling is enabled, the component sends the configured message, 'poll number' of times every 'poll interval'.

Changes made in the component

  1. When scheduling starts, a TimerScheduler and a TimerScheduledJob are created. The TimerScheduledJob which handles sending the messages, 'poll number' of times is added to the Scheduler which keeps track of the poll interval.
    The code snippet is shown below:

  2. The UI of the component is handled by the package com.fiorano.edbc.service.editors and the scheduling configuration is saved using the class com.fiorano.edbc.service.model.SchedulerConfiguration.


Service Dependencies Used


The Service Dependencies used by this sample can be seen in "servicerefs" element present in the "deployment" in the service descriptor file (etc/ServiceDescriptor.xml).

  • To check the functionality of this component, it should be registered with the server.
  • The steps to register the samples is specified in the Sample Templates section.
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