This component demonstrates how to set schema specified in the Custom Property Sheet on the output port.

Default Behavior

The schema is provided in the CPS, which is set on the output port when finished. By default, there is no business logic or send logic implemented in the component's code. So it does not send out any message to the output port.

Changes required to use a different CPS

  1. This is the class which has the logic to set the schema on the output port. CPSHelper object is used to set schema on the ports.
    Two constructors are added in PortSchemaPM class as shown below:

    • Setting the schema on the port is handled in setPortSchema(...) method.
    • A JMX attribute with name "PropertyEditor" is added on getRecordDefinition(..) method. That class is responsibleinshowing the UI to provide the schema.
  2. The UI for the component is handled in the package com.fiorano.edbc.portschema.editors and the schema is stored using the class

  3. The service-export ant task in the component's common.xml file should be changed as follows.

  4. The following changes are made in Service refs in the component's ServiceDescriptor.xml file.

  • To check the functionality of this component, it should be registered with the server.
  • The steps to register the samples is specified in the Sample Templates section.
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