This component is aimed at demonstrating the in memory launch of the component.

Default Behavior

By default, this component sends the message received on its input port onto the output port.

Changes required to support in-memory launch

  1. The class com.fiorano.edbc.inmemorylaunch.InmemoryLaunch implements fiorano.esb.util.InMemoryLaunchable interface by providing the methods startup(String[] args) and stop().
  2. The attribute 'supported' for the element 'launchtype' in ServiceDescriptor.xml file is set as "7".
  3. The service-export ant task (present in the target /deploy/) in the component's common.xml file is changed as shown below:

  4. Under "servicerefs" element, make the following service reference changes:

    Send logic is implemented in the onMessage(..) method to send message onto the output port.
    By default, it sends the message received at the input port to the output port.
  • To check the functionality of this component, it should be registered with the server.
  • The steps to register the samples is specified in the Sample Templates section.
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