This document contains important information about Fiorano 10.2.0 release.

These notes are the most recent information for the product and take precedence over all other documentation.


To upgrade your current Fiorano environment to Fiorano 10.2.0, please refer to Fiorano Migration Guide located at $FIORANO_HOME/migration.

Refer the below sections to know more about this latest version:

What's New

New Components

  • DuplicateContentCheck: New adapter to filter duplicate XML messages (based on XPath) received during a given time interval.
  • MSCRM: New adapter to communicate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM web services deployed online or on-premises.
  • DataQueueWriter: New adapter to write messages to AS/400 queues.
  • DataQueueReader: New adapter to read messages from AS/400 queues both synchronously and asynchronously.


  • DB
    • Option to move query input and output parameters around one another in SQL Statement Details.
    • Option to execute nested queries only when parent queries return a non-empty resultset.
    • Option to generate output in the form of Comma Separated Values instead of XML.

  • DBQueryOnInput: Option to generate output in the form of Comma Separated Values instead of XML and write the same to file instead of sending on OUT_PORT.
  • XMLSplitter: Option to handle input message accordingly when configured XPath is not present in the message.
  • WSStub: Option to provide Public URL as service endpoint URL.
  • HL7: Support for Conformance Profile Validation and configurable blocks in MLLP Protocol (Minimum Lower Layer Protocol).
  • FileWriter Option to close file after a given timeout which is calculated after the latest message is processed.
  • RestStub Support for API Keys authorization.


  • Remote Service Instances: Option to automatically set selectors to process message from only the referring event process.
  • Monitoring: Support for continual alerts in case a service is down.
  • Business Activity Monitoring: Support for calling out stored procedures for events generated inside event processes.
  • Event Process Reuse
    • Option to define message properties to set/filter on output ports/input ports respectively.
    • Option to store/backup event process' application context value and restore it when needed.
  • Option to schedule age based deletion of SBW documents.
  • Support for migration of HA server profiles with one-level folder structure.
  • Option to view license details of different modules deployed in the Enterprise Network.
  • Option to provide JAVA_HOME for all separate process components running on a Peer Server.


  • Option to activate and deactivate SMTP and JMS alerts for events.
  • Mail Subject and Body are made configurable for SMTP alerts.
  • Profile name of the server is included as part of server status.
  • Support for re-injection of original document back into input port of component in case of exception messages.
  • Option to filter applications in Applications Tab
  • Details of all components running in a peer server is included in the Server Status
  • Support to view and download a thread dump of all servers.


  • eMapper: New funclets to convert String to Base64 encoded string and vice-verse.
  • Option to export/import patches of multiple adapters to/from a single zip file.

What's Changed

  • Resources added to a service like driver jars will be retained even after importing a service patch.
  • CCP Timeout exceptions are logged at warning level.
  • Browse Routes option has been enhanced to aid in developing Event Processes with many routes
  • Component logs will be shown in tools in reverse chronological order - Latest logs first.
  • [Encryption] Encoding of data after encrypting is made optional which used to be done by default.
  • Decryption] Decoding of data before decrypting is made optional which used to be done by default.
  • [XML Message Encryption] Option to either encrypt or decrypt messages both sent and received by components. Previously only messages sent on output port are encrypted and those received on input port are decrypted.
  • [Cloud] Mapped public IP is used for Connection Factories used in FES and FPS to resolve issues with Break Points and Message subscription in tools like Studio.
  • RMI Server port will be used for exporting RMI objects as well by default.
  • [eMapper] Argument names can be specified for custom Java funclets in eMapper
  • Jetty Server has been upgraded to version 9
  • Java version 6 and earlier versions are no longer supported. Java version 7 has to be used.

Issues Resolved

  • [JMSOut:5.0] Component does not receive messages on restarting Weblogic server even when Try Re-connection is enabled in the Error Handling configuration.
  • [Cloud] Break Point cannot be set from local eStudio when FES is running in the cloud.
  • [WebServiceConsumer:4.0] Content Type header in web service request must also include SOAP Action value according to SOAP1.2 specification.
  • [SAPR3] Option to use ABAP format for Date(YYYYMMDD) and Time(HHMMSS) fields.
  • [FTP] [Monitoring] Zero Length files are retrieved when source directory has file that is being written.
  • [FTP] Issues with stopping of components when launched in in-memory mode.

Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues

This section contains the list of known issues for Fiorano 10.2.0 release.

Bug IDDescription
13670Applications created prior to Fiorano 2007 SP3 that used WS Stub & HttpStub components are not compatible with the latest versions. 

Workaround: After importing reconfigure WS Stub & HttpStub instances
14558ClassNotFoundException while trying to connect Weblogic server remotely.

JMSIn / JMSOut / JMSRequestor components running on a Linux machine cannot connect to a Weblogic server running on a remote Linux machine using the T3 (default) protocol. The HTTP protocol should be used instead.
16637There is a race condition which under rare circumstances leads to Peer Server's PUBSUB database getting corrupted on multiple start/stops of an Event Process accompanied by multiple failovers of a Shared HA Peer Server. The Peer Server refuses to start after this point. For the exact sequence of steps that may lead to this issue, please refer to KB#3273 in Fiorano Support Portal. 
(link it to

Workaround: Clear Peer Server's PUBSUB database manually. The PUBSUB database is present under $FIORANO_HOME/runtimedata/PeerServers/<PeerProfileName>/FPS/run/PUBSUB.
16924Editing the same Event Process simultaneously from different Studios is not supported and Users should avoid doing this
19557While logging in to eStudio (server on Windows 2008) if the user is logged in as any other user apart from admin, the user could get exceptions while connecting to eStudio.

The reason is that by default the NTFS file system doesn't provide necessary write permissions to a guest user. And if the default temp file location that java uses falls outside the permissible directories, it results in the aforementioned exceptions.

Workaround: The '' property should be set to some location within permissible limits (in server.conf/fes.conf) or The user should be given explicit 'write' permissions.
19629[Fiorano nStudio] In Ubuntu, logs of FES, FPS and service instances cannot be viewed.

Workaround: The environment variable AWT_TOOLKIT should be set to MToolkit.
20436[SimpleHttp] Component fails when the length of the IP address and subnet are different in the system property "http.nonProxyHosts".
20667A Peer Server run as an NT Service under a Domain User account in Windows fails to deploy more components after about 75 components have already been deployed.
23862SBW search does not work properly with MSSQL database when an Event Process name has Japanese characters.
23924Test functionality in Separate Process CPS does not work with JDK 7.

Known Limitations

This section contains the list of all known limitations for Fiorano 10.2.0 release.


  • Layouts will not be completely preserved when an Event Process is opened in eStudio and later in nStudio.
  • Customization of error logs and Problems view to show only eStudio related logs is not supported.
  • Profiles cannot be configured.
  • Event processes created prior to Fiorano 2007 SP4 cannot be imported.


  • Option to import an extension is not present.
  • Validation of types is not present while compiling funclets.
  • EDI and CSV formats are not supported.
  • Feature not supported
    • Cannot use overloaded java functions for scripts imported from .tmf file.
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