New Components

  • DuplicateContentCheck: New adapter to filter duplicate XML messages (based on XPath) received during a given time interval.
  • MSCRM: New adapter to communicate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM web services deployed online or on-premises.
  • DataQueueWriter: New adapter to write messages to AS/400 queues.
  • DataQueueReader: New adapter to read messages from AS/400 queues both synchronously and asynchronously.


  • DB
    • Option to move query input and output parameters around one another in SQL Statement Details.
    • Option to execute nested queries only when parent queries return a non-empty resultset.
    • Option to generate output in the form of Comma Separated Values instead of XML.

  • DBQueryOnInput: Option to generate output in the form of Comma Separated Values instead of XML and write the same to file instead of sending on OUT_PORT.
  • XMLSplitter: Option to handle input message accordingly when configured XPath is not present in the message.
  • WSStub: Option to provide Public URL as service endpoint URL.
  • HL7: Support for Conformance Profile Validation and configurable blocks in MLLP Protocol (Minimum Lower Layer Protocol).
  • FileWriter Option to close file after a given timeout which is calculated after the latest message is processed.
  • RestStub Support for API Keys authorization.


  • Remote Service Instances: Option to automatically set selectors to process message from only the referring event process.
  • Monitoring: Support for continual alerts in case a service is down.
  • Business Activity Monitoring: Support for calling out stored procedures for events generated inside event processes.
  • Event Process Reuse
    • Option to define message properties to set/filter on output ports/input ports respectively.
    • Option to store/backup event process' application context value and restore it when needed.
  • Option to schedule age based deletion of SBW documents.
  • Support for migration of HA server profiles with one-level folder structure.
  • Option to view license details of different modules deployed in the Enterprise Network.
  • Option to provide JAVA_HOME for all separate process components running on a Peer Server.


  • Option to activate and deactivate SMTP and JMS alerts for events.
  • Mail Subject and Body are made configurable for SMTP alerts.
  • Profile name of the server is included as part of server status.
  • Support for re-injection of original document back into input port of component in case of exception messages.
  • Option to filter applications in Applications Tab
  • Details of all components running in a peer server is included in the Server Status
  • Support to view and download a thread dump of all servers.


  • eMapper: New funclets to convert String to Base64 encoded string and vice-verse.
  • Option to export/import patches of multiple adapters to/from a single zip file.


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