Fiorano API Management

Launching Fiorano API Management!

Fiorano API Management enables exposure of useful data to multiple parties including partners, developers and/or internal teams. It provides a platform to build web interfaces on top of existing HTTP or JMS services in a secure and reliable manner. Other features include Quota Management, prioritized throttling and analytics.
Fiorano API Management is built on the following components:

  • API Management Server: The central server which acts as a repository and Policy Administration Point and deploys Policies to API Gateway Servers.
  • API Gateway Servers: Act as Policy Enforcement Points by proxying for the backend REST/SOAP-based web services.
  • API Analytics: Provides valuable insights about the usage of backend services based on various criteria. Acts as an engine for generation of reports and notifications.
  • Developer Portal: Support for Self Signup for developers allowing automatic subscription to Public APIs with interactive documentation and testing features.

New Components

  • MQSeriesRequestor and MQSeriesReplier: Components to implement the Request-Reply message pattern in IBM Websphere MQ server.
  • MongoDB: Component to connect to and perform Insert, Select, Delete and Update operations on the MongoDB server using JSON and XML messages.


  • JMS components: Support to connect to the JBoss MQ server has been added to all JMS components.
  • JSONConverter: Support to format JSON messages.
  • FTP: Support for File Patterns in input messages.
  • Encryption and Decryption: New features to read/write data from/to a file.
  • Stub components and ExceptionListener: Support to fetch Enterprise Server configuration from Peer Server on which the component is running.
  • Sleep: Support to fetch sleep interval from input message header 'SleepTime', which enables each message to sleep for a different time period.
  • Text2XML and XML2Text: Support to provide Named Configuration for Flat Format Schema content.
  • Decryption: Support to decrypt content encrypted using PGP - RFC 4880 specification.
  • DuplicateContentCheck: Support for checking duplicate content in plain text messages along with XML messages.
  • Option to avoid processing of a particular message based on a configurable message property. An output message that is same as the input message is sent to the output port of the component without processing.
  • SalesForce: Support to fetch WSDL Service Configuration and Login Configuration from named configurations specified in input message headers 'WSDLServiceNamedConfig' and 'LoginNamedConfig' respectively.
  • JMS 5.0: Provided Oracle AQ JMS Provider support.


  • SBW Callouts: Support to clear the SBW Callout event Cache using the ClearDB Script.
  • Alerts: Support to get alerts if the components are not launched within a specified timeout.
  • Logs: Support to log Fiorano server logs to Windows Event Logs.
  • Added a Property in the message to identify the route through which a message is passed.


  • Doc Tracking: 'Workflow_ID' is included in SBW Docs Search display.
  • SBW: Added user-defined Doc ID column in SBW Doctracking page.


  • Support to avoid deletion of destinations corresponding to ports when an event process is stopped.
  • Support to set durability of routes at event process and Enterprise Server level.
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