• DB: Message Properties and Application Context of input message are not carried forward to output message when the 'Cleanup resources (excluding connection) after each document' property is set to 'false' in the Interaction Spec configuration of the component.
  • Unable to launch Event Process due to empty Service Descriptor file.
  • DBQueryOnInput: Component does not use Connection Configuration from input message even when the 'Use Connection Details From Input' property is enabled.
  • JSONConverter: Values containing more than two decimal digits are rounded off automatically when converting JSON to XML.


  • Running clearDB script will not delete logs of the server.


  • Doctracking: Re-injection of multiple docs fails when any one of the doc re-injections fails.
  • Rising 'Event Process modified' event instead of 'created' event, if Event Process already exists in the repository.
  • Alert mails are received for Information category though it is configured for Error Category in a specific case.
  • Peer server logs are not displayed when the number of records change.
  • Getting mails continuously though alert is deactivated when the 'Is Continuous alert' property is enabled.


  • Users not displayed when LDAP Principal Manager is used.
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