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Fiorano has consistently won industry accolades for bringing innovative technology to business applications. With Fiorano Platform, Fiorano delivers the industry's first ESB based on Business Component Architecture (BCA), which provides seamless support for native and 3rd party JCA components, being managed by JMX operations.

Installation Guide

This document provides instructions on how to install Fiorano Platform.

Release Notes

Besides enriching the Business Component model, Fiorano Platform delivers significant improvement in event throughput across the peer network, while exposing more JMS semantics at the Event Process Composition level. This document lists some of the key features delivered with the Fiorano Platform release. Also included is a list of known limitations of the GA release.

Getting Started

This guide gets you started with the Fiorano Platform. It lists the procedures for starting and shutting down the various Fiorano Platform servers and tools, and provides links to documents containing detailed information on all aspects of Fiorano Platform.

Fiorano Platform User Guide

The Fiorano Platform User Guide has been developed for all users including advanced users who are familiar to using API documentation and runtime libraries to create, customize, test and deploy business components after testing their behavior. This guide is also designed to assist enterprise and Peer Server Administrators in managing the entire Fiorano Network using Fiorano administration tools and configuration files. This guide provides you detailed information about pre-built business components and ready-to-use pre-built business components which can be utilized to assemble distributed business processes without any application of programming effort. This guide introduces the developer to the rich set of pre-built services bundled with Fiorano Platform. It focuses the usage of these services in real-life scenarios. This guide also contains compilations of information about Fiorano SOA, which are usually the result of certain questions constantly being asked. If you do not see your question here, feel free to post it to

Fiorano eStudio User Guide

The Fiorano eStudio User Guide has been developed for all the users who wants to create application, flow, event process, and so on. This guide gives you a detailed description on all the functionality for running and using eStudio.

EDBC Framework

This document provides a brief overview of the main packages and classes in the EDBC framework. Each section in this document deals with the classes in a package.

Adapter Component Help Files

This guide explains the various parameters that should be modified as per the requirements to obtain the best performance out of FioranoMQ. It also provides the information on deploying FioranoMQ in real world enterprise applications and additional software components provided with FioranoMQ to address various scaling and clustering issues. This guide also provides you a detailed description on how to estimate the expected message traffic on the server, so you can enhance the performance of the server in such real world application environments.

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