Open Source Containers Built for Real-Time Interactions

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Docker has taken the open source world by storm, offering lightweight, rapidly scalable virtualized environments for running arbitrary code. However, Docker and its ecosystem are still quite immature. What's still missing: an approach to real-time integration that supports the container paradigm, but brings the full power, reliability, and performance of asynchronous interactions to microservices and other container-based components.

Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx started this webinar by discussing the importance of real-time, asynchronous behavior for modern architectures, and also discussed Docker's limitations in the way it handles real-time interactions.

Next, Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano Software, laid out Fiorano's new open source container offering explaining how Fiorano complements Docker, solving many of its limitations. Moreover he also showed how to make microservices created with the Fiorano Microservice Toolkit Docker-ready.