FioranoMQ® Enterprise Messaging

Fiorano's enterprise messaging backbone seamlessly integrates heterogeneous IT systems improving operational efficiency, business agility and performance. With comprehensive support for standards-based communication, connectivity and transformation, the FioranoMQ JMS server minimizes proprietary dependencies while providing a powerful communication backbone that can be extended easily, allowing real-time delivery of data spanning multiple applications, platforms, partners and customers. Fiorano is the messaging middleware of choice supporting mission-critical operations for Global Leaders worldwide.

Fiorano SOA Platform

FioranoMQ – Key Features

Industry-leading Performance

Fastest, lowest-latency Java Messaging for both Publish/Subscribe and Point-to-Point (Queuing) benchmarks. Rated at over 95,000 messages/sec in close benchmark testing

Support for Industry Standards

Supports multiple standards including JMS 2.0, J2EE 1.7, JTA XA Resource API, XML Message Exchange, SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, and TCP/IP and more.

Continuous Availability

Implements shared and replicated High-Availability (HA) models with industry-leading performance for your mission-critical applications.

Linear Scalability

Scales to thousands of concurrent client connections with no loss in performance and server throughput. Up to 10 times faster than competitive products.

Robust Security

Comprehensive authentication and authorization, with support for JAAS and plug-in's for various external systems including LDAP, NT/UNIX realms and databases

Log, Trace & Audit

Detect, diagnose and respond to problems quickly by using JMX-compliant management API's to manage your networks and destinations with real-time activity monitoring and reporting of all messages.

FioranoMQ 10 (JMS 2.0)

In JMS 1.1, a durable or non-durable topic subscription was not permitted to have more than one consumer at a time. For improved scalability, this restriction has been removed in JMS 2.0 with the introduction of the concept of Shared Consumers.

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Fiorano MQTT

MQTT is a light weight event and message oriented protocol that allows devices/sensors to communicate with remote systems in an efficient and asynchronous fashion; specially designed for resource constrained devices over unreliable networks with low-bandwidth and high-latency issues.

FioranoMQTT supports the MQTT 3.1.1 (now an OASIS Standard) protocol which runs simultaneously with the JMS Server (FioranoMQ).

MQTT uses the publish/subscribe message pattern enabling one-to-many message distribution and decoupling of applications. The MQTT protocol embedded in the FioranoMQTT Server uses the same Topic destinations as FioranoMQ and automatically maps MQTT clients and JMS clients, alloying a Topic destination to concurrently host MQTT/JMS Publishers and Subscribers. Each MQTT packet is converted into a JMS BytesMessage for consumption by JMS subscribers, while a JMS message is converted into an MQTT packet for consumption by MQTT subscribers as required.

MQ Performance

Executive Summary

This paper presents a performance analysis of publish/subscribe and PTP messaging throughput of the following JMS Servers:

All comparisons are performed using the independent benchmark test harness and tests released by Progress Software, Inc. The tests include a number of scenarios for both Publish/Subscribe (Topics) and Point to Point (Queue) message scenarios, stressing out the JMS Servers in a variety of simulated real-world scenarios. These JMS tests and test harness have been the international standard for JMS testing since 2003.