FioranoMQ® 9.5.0 Documentation Center

FioranoMQ includes a comprehensive set of documentation that covers every aspect of its implementation. Besides the help documents this includes detailed information on GUI tools provided with FioranoMQ, the documentation includes PDF files that introduce you to the underlying concepts and help you in installing, configuring, and administering a FioranoMQ setup.

FioranoMQ 9.5.0 delivers significant enhancements for enterprise-grade messaging in a number of key areas, from improved enterprise management capabilities and new administrative/configuration tools to a new Component Assembly Framework that allows for more efficient in-process message routing and dispatching.


 Release Notes


The Release Notes provide an overview of the new features and significant enhancements in FioranoMQ. This document also lists the enhancements made and the bugs fixed in this release of FioranoMQ.

 Getting Started


This document serves as a startup document to assist users of FioranoMQ. This document introduces users to the components of FioranoMQ and briefly explains the working of these components.

 FioranoMQ Handbook


This document gives you the detailed information on how to use FioranoMQ. This document introduces you to the components of FioranoMQ and their usage. This document has been developed for all the users including Administrators, Developers, and the end-users.

 FioranoMQ Reference Guide


This document Contains detailed description and examples for all the parameters used in FioranoMQ server and other components of FioranoMQ.

 Concepts Guide


The Concepts Guide describes the concepts and design goals of FioranoMQ. It explains the key features of FioranoMQ such as Internet Ready, Location Transparency, and Event based Communication System. In addition, it explains the JMS communication models and FioranoMQ System Architecture in detail.

 Performance Tuning And Deployment Parameters Guide


This guide explains the various parameters that should be modified to obtain the best performance from FioranoMQ. This guide also provides information on deploying FioranoMQ and additional software components provided with FioranoMQ in addressing various scaling and clustering issues.

 FioranoMQ High Availability Guide


FioranoMQ introduces High Availability, which allows its applications to take ad-vantage of its in-built fault tolerance capabilities. This Guide discusses the salient features of FioranoMQ's HA solution. It explains the working and the underlying architecture of the entire solution. It also provides step by step instructions on enabling HA in FioranoMQ.

 FioranoMQ Best Practices Guide


This guide explains the various parameters that should be modified as per the requirements to obtain the best performance out of FioranoMQ. It also provides the information on deploying FioranoMQ in real world enterprise applications and additional software components provided with FioranoMQ to address various scaling and clustering issues. This guide also provides you a detailed description on how to estimate the expected message traffic on the server, so you can enhance the performance of the server in such real world application environments.

 FioranoMQ C-RTL Guide


This guide provides an introduction to FioranoMQ C RunTime library. Provides a summary of the various functions based on their usage and a detailed description of the APIs included in this library. Details out the steps involved in compiling and running CRTL sample applications. This guide also contains the sample programs illustrating the use of C-RTL for PubSub and PTP operations.

 FioranoMQ C++ RTL(Native) Guide


This guide contains an overview of the C++RTL specific Data types and Constants, Error handling, Dot Net, API References, Sample Programs, and FAQ's. This guide also describes usage of C++ Runtime for connecting to FioranoMQ server. The various sample programs illustrates the use of simple Publish-Subscribe and Point-To-Point operations

 FioranoMQ Native Csharp RTL Sample Application Guide


This guide contains the sample programs illustrating the use of Native CSharp-RTL for PubSub and PTP operations.

 FioranoMQ JMX APIs Guide


FioranoMQ exposes a lot of JMX API's which the user can invoke at runtime to change the configuration and behaviour of the MQ server in online mode. This document lists the set of MBeans exposed through JMX, and the attributes and operations within the MBean which the user may want to invoke.

 API Documentation


This guide gives you the description of all the classes used in C# RTL.

 FioranoMQ FAQs


This Online Help contains compilations of information about FioranoMQ, which are usually the result of certain questions constantly being asked. If you do not see your question here, feel free to post it to

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