True facts: I journeyed to Seoul in Search of Korean Dudes on Tinder

Once upon a time, we checked out a land where kimchi and BB lotions tend to be of equal commodity, in which K-pop is regarded as an “institution,” where everybody lugged an MCM backpack—be it white, pink or cognac, and where neighbors posses a penchant for severe spiciness. Within place, the male is innately trendy, ergo one’s—for the possible lack of name—”gaydar” turns out to be null and basically worthless. Yup, your thought it: Annyeong, southern area Korea!

My journey began making use of the apparent, from shopping at MyeongDong, to get lost when you look at the rare roads of HongDae, to snapping countless of touristy pictures against GyeongBokGung residence’s luxurious architecture—all that expected bouncing in one train section to a different. While in transportation, i really couldn’t let but discover how every person’s constantly peering in their phones—myself included. How it happened next got a whole lot predictable. We out of the blue (and guiltlessly) discover me sifting through countless face on Tinder. Fascination murdered the cat, while the claiming happens.­

After swiping remaining and correct and evaluating over 100 profiles as a whole, it is already been clarified if you ask me what Korean men are everything about. With the help of this hookup application, i got eventually to understand these chinky-eyed international lads a little greater. Interesting in regards to what i consequently found out? Right here, go right ahead and feast your vision to my pasalubong by means of screencapped secrets. (You’re welcome!)

Thinspo, individuals? Lanky could seem uncomfortable in some region, but not really in Korea.

Breton streak were every where! Listed here is a favorite development to use when you need to run #twinning together with your significant other in Seoul.

*Cue in song, Kwiyomi!

The united states has become 100per cent MERS free, and this is so just how off-duty K-pop stars gown becoming incognito. They may be follower males, i might believe.

It is sweater weather condition all-year-round in Korea!

Sartorially really serious lads choose sleeker search via customized blazer and a corresponding set of trousers. It’s not unusual to identify one while taking a subway. Mention commuter sophisticated!

They have practically perfected the skill of adding, as well.

Sneakers become her common shoes. They set they with every little thing.

Be it simply for tv series or they are really lawfully blind, thin-framed large features take over the eyewear online game of the chinito guys.

Strobing, evidently, is not only for females!

Dish incisions – a hair basic for all the guys.

For much more daring chap, the messy center parts was a go-to. (i am aware, this 1’s hard to pull-off.)

The oppar-approved method is to wear the snapbacks backwards.

Consider their own purrfect selfie companions.

Cafe tradition is pretty large in Korea. Place your own Tinder date inside one of several gazillion cafes scattered around Seoul.

Truth be told, I have never ever in fact fulfilled up with anyone from Tinder before how to message someone on together2night . Because, the thing is that, it doesn’t ending after having a “match.” The battle generally uses, when you’d need awkwardly decide how respond to a one-word greeting like “hi,” “hello,” or “sup?” And of course, in Korea, the difficult didn’t allow it to be any smoother. Spicy food is perhaps not for all, and so is actually Tinder, i suppose. But a dear friend when told me: “you’ll find nothing completely wrong if you possess the application; it’s the manner in which you utilize the application.” So out of the 40 customers or more who I’ve matched up with in Seoul, At long last made a decision to meet with one. It was around half earlier twelve at the resorts reception, and then we managed to finishing a container of Soju. As to what happened next, really, I’ll only let it rest to your imaginations.