The Shevchenko University project is a digital university centered on the student.

The Shevchenko University project is a digital university centered on the student.

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On May 23, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy will host an online Open Day

Open day at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy will host an open day for schoolchildren and their parents. Participation in the event is an opportunity to see from the inside, how and what the academy lives, to get acquainted with students, teachers and managers of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

During the day, the guests of the academy will visit the morning engine with the center of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Nikolaev and a useful lecture “(Anti) corruption, (in) transparency and communication with the authorities” from the lecturer Artem Romanyukov, Stanford scholarship holder at NABU.

Also during the event, participants will be able to talk to the head of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy Roman Tychkivsky and learn from the team of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy about the most interesting “highlights” of the formation program, customs and life of the academy.

In addition, the participants of the open day will meet the parents of graduates, who will share their experiences and impressions of their children’s stay at the academy.

The event will take place on May 23, 2020 (Saturday), from 7:45 to 19:30. After pre-registration, all participants will receive a detailed schedule and links to events by e-mail.

Consultations and inquiries at or by phone (067) 446-31-01.


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National University “Odessa Law Academy” has a rich history and glorious academic traditions

Odessa Law Academy is a confidence in the future

The National University “Odessa Law Academy” is located in the heart of South Palmyra, so students studying here can feel all the unique color of Odessa and fully enjoy life in the resort town.

Today, the university is a consistently high quality of education and demand for graduates in the labor market, it is a recognized international authority and strong academic ties with the best universities in the world.

National University “OYUA” is dynamically developing and improving, introducing the latest technologies in educational activities to meet the ever-growing standards of education.

The University is a member of the Association of European Universities and the European Public Law Association buy a comparison essay online. Every year, hundreds of students, graduate students and teachers go abroad, where they continue their studies or undergo professional internships at the world’s best universities, international organizations, and government agencies abroad. OYUA is regularly visited by foreign delegations on official visits, and well-known foreign professors, prominent lawyers, diplomats and politicians give lectures to students.

All interested students have the opportunity from the first year to attend lectures on legal disciplines in English, German and French. Thanks to the compliance of educational programs with European standards, the diploma of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” is recognized abroad, which opens employment opportunities for graduates in international institutions and foreign companies.

Studying at the National University “Odessa Law Academy” is not only professional knowledge and a diploma of international standard, but also the possibility of comprehensive personal development of students.

The University has established a Cultural Center, where talented students can develop creatively. Great opportunities for development and young athletes – two stadiums, gyms and gyms – have all the conditions for students to keep themselves in great shape and prepare for competitions.

The university also has a Polygraph Testing Center, where certified polygraph examiners teach future investigators the specifics of working with a “lie detector”.

National University “Odessa Law Academy” has a rich history and glorious academic traditions.

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Presentation of the new educational application “KNU online” took place at the Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Presentation of the new educational application “KNU online”

On July 8, 2020, the presentation of the new educational application “KNU online” took place at the Center for Innovative Development of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The introduction of an innovative application will improve the automation and updating of the educational process in higher education institutions, which will operate on the basis of modern psychological, pedagogical and information and communication technologies.

KNU is actively implementing innovative technologies in the educational space of the university. In particular, a virtual reality classroom, a simulation training laboratory, a KNU Nuwork online employment platform, and a KNU Education Online distance education platform were recently opened, and virtual tours of the university’s departments were developed.

The Shevchenko University project is a digital university centered on the student. University in the smartphone “KNU online” is a convenient application in which all necessary services for the student in one place – phone are collected.

The presentation was attended by the Rector of KNU Leonid Gubersky, Head of the Subcommittee on Higher Education of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation Yulia Grishina, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Valeria Ionan, Vice Rector for Research and Teaching ( Perspective Development) KNU Alexander Rozhko, head of the development team Ivan Volkov, director of the Center for Innovative Development Svetlana Berezina.

According to Rector Leonid Gubersky, “KNU online” is the result of fruitful work, fundamental development and implementation of digital services in the educational process of the university, which in today’s conditions have become a vital necessity for students.

The application already includes an electronic student’s office, an electronic teacher’s office, an electronic dean’s office, a digital library, online reporting, and electronic document management.

The developers have demonstrated that the student’s e-office provides access to all the tools needed for online and distance education in one place: choice of disciplines, interactive schedule, access to lecture materials (in the format of presentations) in all disciplines according to the curriculum, access to digital library (university, all-Ukrainian and foreign), control of the received points, automatic check for plagiarism of the executed tasks (essays, course, diploma).

Importantly, the student can also evaluate teachers / subjects anonymously, receive and submit assignments, maintain online contact with the teacher, dean’s office and dormitory administration, order the necessary certificates, solve financial issues and receive any background information.

The electronic office of the teacher is of no less interest. It allows you to place in one place the materials needed for learning: lecture texts, lecture presentations, assignments and tests for practical, laboratory classes, cases, literature in electronic format, video lectures. It also provides access to an interactive schedule, communicate with students (as well as send and receive assignments from them), faculty administration in the form of electronic correspondence, generate information with points scored before the exam / test and keep an electronic log of visits …

Electronic dean’s office is the automatic formation of the schedule, control of financial issues and student progress, electronic document management (certificates, petitions, statements, etc. are generated and sent to the recipient), personal data of students, reporting.

Equally important parts of the application are the online presentation module, which allows you to use all modern tools for demonstrating the material of classes, a module for people with special educational needs, providing font augmentation, subtitles, voiceover of text documents, and a special module for international students.

After the direct presentation of the educational application “KNU online”, the experts were able to exchange views on the demonstration.

University in the smartphone “KNU online” is one portal where you can get all the services needed in the educational process, online: fast, convenient and accessible.

Now there is no analogue of the specified complex decision of digital university in the smartphone in Ukraine.




The Faculty of Public Relations and Journalism is a creative education for creative students

M. Poplavsky: “Leaders are not born – they become!”

The Faculty of Public Relations and Journalism of the University of Culture is a creative education for the development of an innovative personality.

The training of young people takes place in an atmosphere of a unique educational process aimed at the development of creative thinking, effective use of social communications, the disclosure of the creative potential of each student.

A modern infrastructure has been created at the university for the successful formation of the professionalism of future specialists. Educational, practical and scientific work of students is provided by specialized multimedia laboratories, press centers and studios.

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Posted by Mykhailo Poplavsky (@poplavskiy_michail) on May 11, 2020 at 12:07 PM PDT

Mikhail Poplavsky, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Founder of the first (1996) Department of PR in Ukraine, this year is taking the author’s course “Sharks PR”. He is the author and speaker of master classes “Formula for Success”, “PR project” Singing Rector as Technology “,” Schemes of Poplavsky, or Business by Name “,” Leadership as a Brand “,” Formula of Happiness “and others …