Fiorano at Open Banking Expo, London for PSD2 RTS.


Payment Services Directive
Payment Services Directive


Now that we are in November 2018, the PSD2 Regulatory calendar leaves banks with just 4 1/2 months before the March 2019 deadline to publish (ASPSP) sandboxes for testing. It is not as simple as just publishing APIs though as there are multiple technology components required to do this properly. It will come as no surprise that the operating model PSD2 will enforce is completely unlike the way Retail Banks are used to working and unlike the way consumers are used to interacting with them.

With the Europe Banking Authorities Regulatory Technical Standard (the PSD2 RTS) understandably not being prescriptive about how banks should go about enabling aspects such as Access to Account (XS2A), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Common and Secure channels of Communication (CSC), the technology requirements themselves can seem overwhelming. The core issue many banks are facing today is around being able to put in-place the technology components to meet March and September 2019 obligations in-time, yet still be able to adapt, flex and launch new products and services with minimal change as the TPP market develops.

The absolute must-haves required by banks include separate applications for:

(i) Core Banking Integration

(ii) API Management

(iii) Identity and Access Management

(iv) Security

Introducing just one piece of new technology to a bank can sometimes be overwhelming. In the case of PSD2, depending on what an individual bank may already have, introducing three or four almost becomes a programme in itself, with associated complexity, timelines and costs associated. With so little time left, Fiorano has been working to be able to provide banks with regulation specific technology that can be implemented rapidly, and yet meet the PSD2 timelines.

So how does Fiorano do it?

Built on top of class leading Fiorano MQ, Middleware and API Management technology, the Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator brings together all the components banks require to deliver ASPSP interfaces in a single, easy-to deploy technology product which covers all the functional requirements around XS2A, CSC, SCA and Security.

This uniform, single platform delivers easy integrations and light-weight maintenance, guaranteeing to be the fastest and most efficient route for banks to deliver ASPSP interfaces. To top it all, the Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator also incorporates PSD2 specific limits, thresholds and exemptions as visually-configurable components, which means banks implementing Fiorano will not require super-specialists to manage the environment post implementation.

Interested? To learn more about how you can still meet the regulatory timeline using the Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator, come meet Fiorano at stand 15 at the Open Banking Expo taking place at the America Square Conference Centre in London on 27th  November. If it can’t wait till then, contact us or email us now at and we will be in touch immediately.


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